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The right major gifts fundraising strategy will increase philanthropic revenue, donor engagement, and solicitation for your non-profit. At Cahn Consulting, we facilitate the systems, strategy, and critical relationship-building skills needed to secure the major donor fundraising your organization needs..
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One of the most significant types of contributions in the world of philanthropy and non-profit fundraising are known as major gifts, a.k.a, substantial financial contributions made by donors to non-profit organizations.
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But… why do they matter?

Major gifts fundraising, also referred to as major donor fundraising, provides substantial funding that enables non-profits to undertake significant projects, expand their services, and invest in long-term sustainability.

Major gifts notonly boost your organization's goals but also show aligned interest invalues and beliefs among donors, ultimately creating stronger community you achieve your organization's goals andalign interests, values and beliefs among donors, ultimately creatingstringer community ties.
Securing major gifts requires planning and execution.They require careful cultivation of potential donors through relationshpbuilding, engagement strategies, personalized approaches, recognition efforts,and transparency about fund usage. By working with an experienced fundraisingconsultant, your non-profit can:
● Build & implement a successful major gifts fundraising strategy
● Attract the right type of donors to your organization Accomplish its short & long-term goals with major donor fundraising

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