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"Liz and the team at Cahn Consulting gave us personalized guidance & fundraising counsel. Liz struck a balance between coach and trusted partner, always giving us the tools to succeed." Rich Napolitano, Senior Vice President, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
As one of the leading non-profit consulting firms based in the Greater Boston area, we specialize in empowering organizations with strategic fundraising solutions. Explore how our specialized services can elevate your fundraising efforts and drive meaningful impact.
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Planned Giving

Give your donors an opportunity to leave a legacy. All nonprofits can have a planned giving program - it is easier than you think. Discover how to start, improve, and manage a planned giving program. We provide planned giving solutions to ensure your non-profit is leveraging all forms of giving by moving from a passive planned giving program to an active one, partnering with you and your staff to achieve your goals.

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Major Gifts

Learn how to create a relational fundraising program with a plan and purpose. Your organization's philanthropic revenue will increase through improved donor engagement and effective solicitation.

We facilitate the systems, strategy, and critical relationship-building skills needed to secure major gifts. Together, we will work on implementation &execution so you can feel empowered to make the ask.

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Fundraising Consulting

Create a culture of philanthropy by providing opportunities for donors to contribute to meaningful programs and help their communities.

We work with you to analyze your organization and craft initiatives that will invite donors who want to make an impact and serve communities for years to come.

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